Inatant Android Fragmentation Management How-to

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Issues with Android Fragmentation

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Instant Android Fragmentation Management How-to by Gianluca Pacchiella

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It is difficult for front end and web developers to debug and fix issues that crop Packt Publishing Pvt. Fragmentation has thus become an option for the operating system since multiple versions of Android have to be created for the different levels of the hardware in question. The problem is really pathetic when it comes to the massive development of Android apps. For any ISV Independent Software Developer , developing various versions for different hardware versions becomes hectic. This is a big challenge caused by the uncontrollable Android ecosystem fragmentation.

The carriers are now becoming a major hurdle for Android since they are causing fragments, which results to multiple, incompatible versions of apps which are brand-specific.

The unity of Google systems has been considered a strong point by most analysts. In the recent days, Google Android chief, Andy Rubin has been under intense pressure to ensure a stable operating system platform. Surely, he has been able to deliver substantially. This and other factors are believed to have seen the Android chief step aside and Google chrome Sundar Pichai taking the steering wheel of the two services combined. According to analysts, this might be an overwhelming task though an achievable job for Pichai. Various issues need to be addressed for the success of Android and chrome unity.

Unfortunately, phone makers do not install the most recent versions. This is blow to Android since there is a fragmentation in the versions and the hardware used. Updating software or operating system version also has been faced with a couple of issues. Phone makers are known to be the controllers of these updates and not Google. The unfortunate thing is that due to fragmentation, various versions are to be created for a single hardware model.

This only becomes difficult for the phone makers since they are not always up to date with such changes. The next Google conference will manifest the debut of android next version; version 5 or rather Key Lime Pie.

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On the flip side, most phone makers are still running on 2. The switch is thus difficult due t the fragmented ecosystem. The delivery of all updates should be prioritized for the continuity of Android. This is a sentiment echoed by most techno analysts. This will ensure their participation in platform changes as well as OS level device management for enterprise security, unlike the current overlay. Developing a common platform is an idea which has been tipped to bring enormous benefits to Google.

How to Make a Button Open a New Activity - Android Studio Tutorial

It is thus a challenge for the Google Android and Google Chrome operating systems to jointly operate in the near future. The challenge, however, remains that of fragmented ecosystem. This makes it hard for applications developed to work in a certain Android version as well as Chrome to be used in another version of Android.


This is a blow since it is understood that create-once deploy-anywhere apps are known to ease the complexity of search integration, context delivery, ads, and location based services. It is needless mentioning the cost attributed to such fragmented systems since every update or version has to be created for every change. A unison use the two Google services are thus limited by Android fragmentation.

It is important that Android handles the issue of fragmentation with urgency and caution. The problem could cost them their market share let alone contributing to their backlash. The future of mobile technology is so potent, and Google should ensure a sustained share and appeal lest they risk losing to their rivals; Windows Phone, iPhone and even Symbian among other competitors. Joint use of their major operating system services, Android and Chrome, would thus come to their rescue.

However, Android fragmentation comes as a shock pull over and thus calls for immediate address.

Instant Android Fragmentation Management How-to [Book]

This may come as a discouragement due to the incompatibility issues. Since every new version or updates must call for a new application, developers may find it unreasonable and not conducive to thrive in Android app development. With the current Original Equipment Manufacturers policy very unfriendly, the carrier hardware remains very unhealthy for Google Android market growth. These problems are all anchored on the Android fragmentation issues. The idea behind android success has always been the open source aspect.

App developers can have their applications on the market and users have them for free. This has encouraged many Smartphone users to use Google enabled phones. In the recent past, Android came under intense criticism for uncontrolled entry by developers who even introduced malware and other security threats to their store. While Android allowed for free and easy access to their apps store, iPhone limited it for the creation of premium apps.

However, complexities introduced by incompatible Android versions which required specific hardware brands meant a slow to their market growth pace. Fragmented ecosystem is now the biggest threat to the future development of Android operating system. The various issues posed by fragmentation have to be dealt with very cautiously and urgently. Android fragmentation has proved to be a stumbling block to the future growth of the operating system.

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  • As a contingency measure, Google has come up with various tools and approaches to end the threat. The issue of interoperability amongst applications created for different devices stems from the potentiality of the various custom versions of Android operating system.