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There are some really predictable things that happen from here, but the study of human relationships, the resiliency of the human heart, and final note of home on which the novel ends really did it for me. There was big emotion packed into this book, and it dealt with so So, I really, really enjoyed this book. There was big emotion packed into this book, and it dealt with some of the really big issues that face our generation not giving up too much of the plot!

And, in reading this book I realized we're ALL assholes.. Lemme know what you all think!!! When his father suffers a stroke, Joe Guffman returns to the hometown he left behind 17 years before to confront his past and ponder his future. The biggest complication--Joe wrote a fictional book based on his life growing up in the town that didn't exactly sit well with some of those who depicted in his novel. Upon his return, Joe is involved in a bar fight, has a drink thrown in his face and finds copies of his book thrown onto the front lawn.

But Joe is having other issues--his second book is When his father suffers a stroke, Joe Guffman returns to the hometown he left behind 17 years before to confront his past and ponder his future. But Joe is having other issues--his second book isn't working, he's estranged from his brother and his father is dying. In the midst of all this, Joe seeks to reconnect and make peace with his past, get back with his high school girlfriend who he never really got over and figure out what the future holds for him. Jonathan Tropper writers about fundamentally flawed males in each of his books and you'll find no more flawed character than Joe.

Told from the first-person persepctive, we see and hear things from Joe's eyes, as well as getting bits and pieces of the book thrown in. Both work together to create a portrait of Joe who is seeking approval and acceptance by his family and friends all while trying to be his own man and stand on his own two feet, not defined by what others say or the expectations they have of him.

With The Book of Joe, Tropper makes some interesting comments on the nature of relationships guys have not only with other guys but with the women around them. Along the way, you'll get to know Joe and while you may not always agree with what he's doing, you'll still come to like the guy. It'd be easy to say that Tropper is the next Nick Hornby. While Tropper does have some influences from Hornby, it's clear that he's an emerging writing just waiting to burst on the scene to a wider audience. Maybe, like Joe, he needs to have one of his books made into a wildly successful film.

He's a prodigy of alienation. Now a successful writer, having written a book about his home town, Bush Falls, that savaged the place, Joe receives a call from his sister-in-law that his father has had a stroke he was at the top of the key, had just released the ball, and came down unconscious. Basketball aficionados present noted the ball swished. Joe's brother, Brad, ex-sports star, and their father never had much time for Joe. His mother had committed suicide, a manic depressive, for whom the piles of pills didn't work, so Joe wrote a book about his town, never dreaming it would be published which has made him personna non grata, but it made him rich.

Now finds he is obligated to go back home for his father's illness. So as with Tropper's other books, in the first few pages a similar scene is set: death, sex, familial dysfunction, alienation. That does not mean they are redundant; each is different in its own way and each equally appealing and often funny and poignant.

I like them all. Note, however, that this book is much darker than the others. Listened to the audiobook read by Scott Brick who provides excellent narration. I just love Jonathan Tropper Although this particular novel wasn't quite as good as This Is Where I Leave You, it's a really good novel that was a joy to read. I laughed, I cried and everything in between. Tropper just has a way of making you FEEL as you read - the good, the bad and the ugly.

This book definitely reminded me of the TV show October Road which was one of my favs before it was cancelled way too early. I wouldn't say I just love Jonathan Tropper I wouldn't say the plot is mind blowingly original but I think it was well done and kept my interest throughout. It's really the characters that make this book stand out for me. This entire novel is essentially a study of human relationships and emotional growth. I really liked this one and definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a novel that has warmth, humor, and interesting characters.

It's a fairly quick and easy read View all 4 comments. I laughed, I cried, I shrieked, I cringed, I pondered Thank you, Jonathan Tropper, for taking me on such a glorious journey!!! They don't make us. To forgive is divine. Jun 29, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

Really good book. After a horrible senior year in high school, Joe moves away from his home town. Once Joe is on his own he rights a sort of tell all book about his home town, and his home town is not happy. Actually, a lot of people hate him in his home town. His mother passes away, but his father, brother, high school sweet heart, and his old best friend are home waiting for him when he returns.

I read somewhere that this book is being made into a movie. I have never seen the T. Oct 25, Carol rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , humor , read This is my third JT novel and like the others, it drew me in from the beginning and kept me interested until the end.

The story Is entertaining, packed with emotion, interesting characters and wit. I truly enjoy Jonathan Tropper's writing style and highly recommend this sentimental page-turner.

The Life, Wit, and (Sometimes Accidental) Wisdom of Joe Biden

So I picked this up. Despite its many vulgar words, it's a good one. Yes, many vulgar words, sexual content.

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A lot of profanities. So I wasn't surprised when The Book of Joe also contains those things. Honestly speaking, I found a LOT of similarities between the two. But the thing that made The Book of Joe more appealing to me is the fact that it's not an adult book at all.

Book review: The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper

Because Joe, the main character grew old. But he didn't grow up. It was like he was stuck in his year-old soul as time passed by. So even though he was a good year-old man, I didn't find it hard to feel for him. Joe came from Bush Falls. A small town wherein everything that happens to everyone obviously scatter around the town faster than the speed of light! I know. That sounds absurd. But that's true to their life and even to the real world. This one is so realistic! He had two best friends, Wayne and Sammy. He had a not-so-healthy family relationship with his father and brother.

He had an amazing girlfriend. So it was kind of a good shot but not right. Fast forward, he became a novelist. What he did for his first novel is really disturbing for me. Yeah, it sounds like fiction but it wasn't. And he knew it and everyone who were involved in the book knew too. I know how bad the people in his town had been when he lived there.

But was it enough for him to write it in a novel for all the world to see? And though it was fiction as he said it was, still, everyone in that town knew it was utterly true. They got mad, obviously for the fact that they knew what he had written was true anyway. And I got so mad back at them because really, they're just so stupid, insensitive and seriously lacking a soul and a heart.

Things got bad. He had to come back to the town and he received a lot of not-so-good things. Father's stroke, Wayne's disease, Brad's family affairs, Carly's cold welcome, and the town's wrath. He had a lot of unresolved issues. I felt every emotion there probably was. And hey! He's a year-old man. Yet I felt his pain because I just can't imagine going through that.

It's just so realistic you know? As I've said, there are a lot of profanities and I didn't care because I always want to look past every novel that I read for me to see its beauty. I'm not saying its profanities are beautiful, it's just that, it was written beautifully and in a realistic way that you wouldn't even care for it.

Yes, this was depressing for me.

And I cried too! Sometimes I think I'm such a weird person for crying ever so easily but it's just so sad and depressing that I can't help but cry. Alright, enough. The Book of Joe is such an amazing book.

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It's gonna make you realize that people can grow old all too well and yet, they're gonna remain to be the year-old they wish they'd always be. You'll realize how cruel the world can be may it be on your youth or your adulthood. Sep 12, Rick rated it it was ok. First off, this was a difficult book to rate. On the plus side, it made me laugh; it made me cry. I was caught up in the character's lives and cared about them.

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The author has a winning and simple way with prose. The negatives are what made me downrate it so much. Aside from the main character's intense self-pity that we're hammered over the head with, I had trouble suspending my disbelief for his best friend, Wayne, who deserved a much fresher and more thoughtful approach. Wayne is one of two g First off, this was a difficult book to rate. Wayne is one of two gay characters in the book; the other dies as a teenage suicide. The problem with this, and the place where the author loses credibility for me, is that Wayne's full-blown AIDS occurs in In , a whole array of live-saving and health-maintaining drug cocktails were on the market to treat HIV.

His character would have been more believable in the early 90s, when such cases were much more common. The author, at the very least, should have had a conversation wherein Wayne laments that none of the cocktails worked for him. It happens. But the way it is now, I just think the author was ignorant about gay people and the disease and that made it hard for me to enjoy what otherwise was an enjoyable book. Even better, though, would have been not to saddle the gay main character with something as stereotypical as AIDS, but something like Stage 4 cancer.

The same results could have been achieved without resorting to the cliche. View all 5 comments. Jul 25, Larry H added it. Sometimes it's not that you can't go home again, it's that you shouldn't. Take Joe Goffman, for example. He left his hometown of Bush Falls shortly after high school and then years later wrote a fictionalized account of life there which left his former friends and neighbors feeling a little, well, angry. The book became a bestseller and was adapted into a movie, so the whole world got to see what Joe had to say.

Joe returns to Bush Falls 15 years later, after his father has a stroke. Needless to Sometimes it's not that you can't go home again, it's that you shouldn't.

Bold Coarse Blend | The Book of Joe

Needless to say, he isn't welcomed with open arms by anyone. He wrote at night and on weekends, ultimately publishing his first novel, Plan B, which attracted the attention of an agent, allowing him to leave his job and become a full-time writer. The themes of his books appear to stem from his personal experiences: they deal with topics such as being single, growing up, getting married, being married, getting divorced, and living in suburbia.

Tropper's hometown of New Rochelle in Westchester County , New York , is a main source of inspiration when creating the characters and settings in his books. Everything Changes was a Booksense selection.


Three of Tropper's books are currently being adapted into movies. The novel was optioned by Paramount Pictures for J. Tropper, together with David Schickler , created the television series Banshee , which premiered in January on Cinemax ; Tropper serves as an executive producer on the show. In October , it was announced that Jonathan Tropper's series Warrior , based off Bruce Lee 's original idea and set against the Tong Wars of 19th century San Francisco , was greenlit for series at Cinemax.

The first half of the novel alternates between present day and the fictional Bush Falls novel that Joe wrote. Giving backstory while the action takes place is a huge reason why the first half is so successful. Tropper tends to write about somethings going through radical changes in life.

A vein of regret, loneliness, and redemption run through the novel. There are surprising moments of genius in his writing:. The language he uses will appeal to the highly visual reader who plays a movie in their head while they read. He has surprising passages of genius that still use his witty and hilarious style. To forgive is divine. He made some missteps in the second half.