Russian Politics in Exile: The Northeast Asian Balance of Power, 1924–1931

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Mobilities, Boundaries, and Travelling Ideas

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Innes, Abby. Isakovic, Zlatko.

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Free Russian Politics In Exile The Northeast Asian Balance Of Power 1924 1931 2002

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Famous Russian Writer: Is There Russia's "Soft Power"? Russian Language Is Being Banned Worldwide

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  6. Mataxis Robert V. Barylski Sakharov, Vsevolod. Death solves all problems — no man, no problem. This actually comes from the novel Children of the Arbat by Anatoly Rybakov. We will hang the capitalists with the rope that they sell us. It has also been believed that Lenin may have expressed that the profit motive cannot be undone in that "If we were to hang the last capitalist, another would suddenly appear to sell us the rope".

    Experts on the Soviet Union reject the rope quote as spurious. However, it is established that Lenin did remark on the same underlying theme even if not in reference to rope , namely, that capitalists in their addiction to high profits could not help themselves from selling things to a socialist state, even if it was against their own long-term interests by strengthening an enemy; Edvard Radzinsky covers it in his discussion of Lenin's comments on the "deaf-mutes" in Radzinsky's biography of Stalin.

    Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas? Often attributed to Stalin, there is not a single source which show that Stalin said this at any given time. There is only one source outside the blogosphere which attributes the quote to Stalin, but does not provide any evidence for the attribution.

    Quantity has a quality all its own. Variant: Quantity is quality. No evidence that this phrasing is due to Stalin, and it does not appear in English translations of his philosphical works. Callaghan Jr. The connection of sufficient quantitative change leading to qualitative change is found in Marxist philosophy, by Marx and Engels, drawing from Hegelian philosophy and Ancient Greek philosophy.

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