Shape Memory Microactuators (Microtechnology and MEMS)

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Kohl, SMA foil-based elastocaloric cooling — from material behavior to device engineering , J. D: Appl. Murasawaa, S. Yeduru, M. Kohl, Macroscopic inhomogeneous deformation behavior arising in single crystal Ni—Mn—Ga foils under tensile loading , Optics and Lasers in Engineering 87 — Chluba, S. Kauffmann-Weiss, E. Quandt, and M. Yin, F. Wendler, B. Krevet, M. Kohl, A magnetic shape memory microactuator with intrinsic position sensing, Sensors and Actuators A 48— Melikyan, T. Harter, K.

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Wendler, M. Gueltig, F. Lambrecht, S. Miyazaki, and M. Kohl, Energy-efficient miniature-scale heat pumping based on shape memory alloys, Smart Mater. Lambrecht, C. Lay, R. Superelasticity, DOI Ohtsuka, H.

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  • Miki, T. Takagi, and M. Energy Mater. Gueltig, M. Miki, K. Tsuchiya and M. Ossmer, S. Haffner, W. Heni, Y. Fedoryshyn, J. Niegemann, A. Melikyan, D. Elder, B. Baeuerle, Y.

    CNA - 适合于机械利益的包括被驱动的弓形梁的微型机电致动器 - Google Patents

    Salamin, A. Josten, U. Koch, C. Hoessbacher, F. Ducry, L. Juchli, A. Emboras, D. Hillerkuss, M. Kohl, L. Dalton, C.

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    Hafner, and J. Koehnle, M. Lauermann, R. Palmer, S. Koeber, S. Muehlbrandt, P. Schindler, D. Elder, S. Wolf, W. Heni, C. Haffner, Y. Fedoryshyn, D. Sommer, L. Dalton, D. A typical NEM Relay requires a potential on the order of the tens of volts in order to "pull in" and have contact resistances on the order of gigaohms. A three terminal. Minor loop feedback is a classical method used to design stable robust linear feedback control systems using feedback loops around sub-systems within the overall feedback loop.

    In World War 2 this method was used to design Gun laying control systems.


    It is often discussed within the context of Bode plot methods. Minor loop feedback can be used to stabilize opamps. Adhesive bonding also referred to as gluing or glue bonding describes a wafer bonding technique with applying an intermediate layer to connect substrates of different types of materials.

    Those connections produced can be soluble or insoluble. Based on the fact that the wafers are not in direct contact, this procedure enables the use of different sub. A MEMS magnetic actuator is a device that uses the microelectromechanical systems MEMS to convert an electric current into a mechanical output by employing the well-known Lorentz Force Equation or the theory of Magnetism. These techniques include: bulk micro-machining, surface micro-machining, LIGA, wafer bonding, etc.

    This could include the generation of voltage by electromagnetic induction, by changing the gap between 2 electrodes or by a piezoelectric material. The index of physics articles is split into multiple pages due to its size. To navigate by individual letter use the table of contents below. M M-theory M-theory simplified M. Whelan M. Joshi M.

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    Menon M. Seaton M. Jamal Deen M. King Hubbert M.

    CN1316380A - 适合于机械利益的包括被驱动的弓形梁的微型机电致动器 - Google Patents

    Parameswaran M. Shamsher Ali M. Vijayan M. Sossina M. Haile born July 28, is an Ethiopian-American chemist, known for developing the first solid acid fuel cells. She earned the J. Microactuator topic A microactuator is a microscopic servomechanism that supplies and transmits a measured amount of energy for the operation of another mechanism or system. Wax motor topic A wax motor is a linear actuator device that converts thermal energy into mechanical energy by exploiting the phase-change behaviour of waxes. Actuator topic An actuator is a component of a machine that is responsible for moving and controlling a mechanism or system, for example by opening a valve.

    Paraffin wax topic Paraffin candle Paraffin wax or petroleum wax is a soft colorless solid, derived from petroleum, coal or shale oil, that consists of a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules containing between twenty and forty carbon atoms. Biomimetics topic The tiny hooks on bur fruits left inspired Velcro tape right. Heparin mimicking polymers topic Heparin Mimicking Polymers are synthetic compounds that possess similar characteristics to heparin, that is it can be used clinically as an anticoagulant.

    Miniaturization topic Battery chargers for successive generations of Apple's iPod. Microvalve topic A microvalve is microscale valve, i. Surface tension biomimetics topic Surface tension is one of the areas of interest in biomimetics research. The result was a lotus leaf-like surface Folders related to Surface tension biomimetics: Biophysics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Biotechnology Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

    Larry Howell topic Larry L. Allen topic Mark G. Nickel titanium topic Nickel titanium, also known as Nitinol part of shape memory alloy , is a metal alloy of nickel and titanium, where the two elements are present in roughly equal atomic percentages e. Note that the below text is very incomplete in terms of providing a good overview of the different micropump types and applications, and therefore please refer to g Folders related to Micropump: Microfluidics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Microtechnology Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Gas technologies Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

    Nanoelectromechanical relay topic A nanoelectromechanical NEM relay is an electrically actuated switch that is built on the nanometer scale using semiconductor fabrication techniques. A three terminal Folders related to Nanoelectromechanical relay: Microelectronic and microelectromechanical systems Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Relays Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Nanoelectronics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

    Minor loop feedback topic Minor loop feedback is a classical method used to design stable robust linear feedback control systems using feedback loops around sub-systems within the overall feedback loop. Further key aspects included are three-dimensional models for handling complex SMA actuator geometries and coupled simulation routines that take multifunctional properties into account. Mechanical and thermal optimization criteria are introduced for actuator design, allowing an optimum use of the shape memory effect.

    It is shown that some of the prototypes presented, e. SMA microgrippers, already outperform conventional components. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Engineering Mechanical Engineering. Buy eBook.