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He decided to write and draw a children's book of his own. He spent many hours making art for an alphabet story. But no one wanted to print it. Publishing companies didn't think anyone would buy it. In , Ted and Helen took a trip to Europe. People did not travel by airplane in those days. So Ted and Helen sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a ship. Ted noticed that the ship's engines clanged to a regular beat. He started putting words to the beat. Soon he had the beginning of a rhyming children's story. It was about a boy with a wild imagination. He remembered how his favorite picture books had opened up his imagination.

He wanted his book to do the same thing for readers. He drew lively pictures. He spent hours finding just the right words. And he made sure his story was a lot of fun. The Great Depression Ted earned a good living in the s. Many other Americans were not so lucky. In , the country had begun to have big money problems. Banks shut down. Many Americans lost their savings. Many stores went out of business. A lot of people lost their jobs.

This time became known as the Great Depression. It lasted for more than ten years. He sent it to many publishing companies.

Anne Hutchinson (History Maker Bios)

But none of them wanted it. It didn't teach children any rules or lessons, they said. They told him it was full of too many crazy, made-up ideas. Ted felt hopeless. He wanted to burn his story in the fireplace. Then one day, he ran into an old college friend. This friend had just become a children's book editor.

He looked at Ted's story and loved it. He agreed to publish it. The book came out in September Ted published it under the name i 27 Ted's first book did not sell a lot of copies. Other children's authors were much more popular. Even so, he enjoyed the work. In the next three years, he wrote more books for children. One of them was about a loyal elephant named Horton.

It was called Horton Hatches the Egg. Readers loved the story of the lovable elephant and his baby elephant-bird. But he worried about the rest of the world. World War II had begun in France and Great Britain were fighting against Germany. Other countries had also joined the fighting. But the United States didn't join. Most Americans did not want anything to do with a war in Europe. He knew that the Germans were mistreating many groups of people. The biggest group was the Jews. Germany's leader had even begun to kill millions of Jewish Europeans. This news upset Ted terribly.

Ted had always used his talents to make people laugh. But he wanted to do something serious. So he started publishing serious cartoons. Many of them were about the war. He wanted to show Americans that the United States needed to join the fight. In this cartoon, someone reads a book called Adolf the Wolf.

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After that, Ted drew cartoons in support of the war. He also drew cartoons to support the Jews in Europe. Ted was glad his work helped make a difference. But he didn't think he was doing enough. In , he joined the U.

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Ted was almost forty years old. He was too old to be a foot soldier. He could help in other ways. Ted poses in his military uniform. They wanted him to make films for U. Ted worked on films that helped teach soldiers how to win the war.

Anne Hutchinson

World War II ended in Ted's work with the military was done. He left to make other movies. But he missed writing for kids. He decided to write some more books. Fighting for Fairness Ted s serious cartoons were not only about the war. He drew cartoons about other problems too. One of those problems was racism. This unfair treatment harmed African Americans.

Many white people believed African Americans did not deserve to be treated fairly. Ted disagreed. He drew cartoons against racism. He and Helen also decided to stay in California.

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They built a new home in the town of La Jolla. The house was as imaginative as Ted's stories. Out of it rose a tower two stories high. From the top, the Geisels could see the whole city. Ted worked in one room in his new home. He spent many hours there each day. His imagination was bursting with new ideas for books. But turning ideas into good stories was hard. He wanted each of his books to be just right. He wrote about a big-hearted moose named Thidwick. He wrote a second book about Horton the elephant. It was called Horton Hears a Who! The book came out in Ted's Dr.

Seuss books thrilled his readers. Children loved his characters and their wild adventures. Children especially enjoyed the animals Ted invented. Ted reads Horton Hears a Who! Ted works at his typewriter in the s. One day, a publishing company gave Ted a new idea. The company asked him to write a book for beginning readers. He was given a short list of words to use. They were easy words such as kite, cat, fish, and hat. Ted had to write his story using only words from that list.

He knew it would be hard. But he wanted to try. At the time, books for new readers were not very exciting. They didn't tell much of a story. They didn't use much imagination. These books made reading seem boring to many children. Ted wanted to help change that. He started with a story about a zebra who was a queen. This new idea excited him. Then he realized that Queen and Zebra were not on his list of words. So he had to start over.

He studied his list again. Soon another story came to him. It was about a walking and talking cat. The cat wore a hat. And he caused lots of trouble. Ted's book came out in It was called The Cat in the Hat. Children loved it from the start. The story made reading playful and fun. The book sold better than any other book Ted had written. Ted holds up the cover of his book The Cat in the Hat. He wrote another popular book that same year. It was called How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It's about a grumpy creature who hates everything about the Christmas season. Ted's latest books earned him many new fans.

They made the name Dr. Seuss very famous. At the age of fifty-three, Ted had become a star. That book began to change how children learned to read. Ted wanted to write more books like it. He was already working on new ideas. The company published Beginner Books. These books were written for new readers. Ted wrote many Beginner Books. It came out in Ted had become more famous than ever. Millions of children and adults had read his Dr. His fans were curious about the real author.

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