Caution: Zionism! Essays on the Ideology, Organisation and Practice of Zionism

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This is somewhat misleading. I cannot vouch for the origins of the chapters within, but at the very least, there is a chronological coherency and a running narrative throughout.

Christian Zionism

The book feels complete, which is quite an achievement at pages. Broadly speaking, the first three chapters are primarily concerned with the pre history of Zionism and the Zionists, while the last two are more focused on the present of This is important, and we will come back to it.

There is much that is good about Caution: Zionism! Perhaps its strongest feature is its exploration of the history of Zionism, and the construction of the modern Zionist movement. There are few works that present such a succinct and convincing exploration of this trend, and even fewer that do so from a Marxist perspective exploring the socio-economic situation that prompted the construction of the movement, examining its leaders and so on, and explaining its role in the greater system of capitalism and imperialism.

As a dedicated anti-Zionist, Caution: Zionism! More than this, despite its unpleasant publicists, this is a thoroughly anti-anti-Semitic work. Ivanov is keen to emphasise how Zionism is a class movement, and to show how Zionism is ultimately a movement of imperialist forces. Indeed, what it has to say about anti-Semitism should be heeded, for it is perhaps the single most relevant topic in the book for the modern anti-Zionist; its exploration of the use of the myth of an eternal anti-Semitism by Zionist leaders is particularly revealing.

Perhaps Caution: Zionism! It is sharp and to-the-point, while at the same time providing ample evidence for its claims for the most part. This is not a dense academic tome, nor shouty Soviet agitprop. It is an admirable piece, and indeed there are many historians who could do well to learn from Ivanov's prose! The piece admittedly does have flaws, and they should not be downplayed. Its biggest weakness comes to light in the last two chapters in particular: its comments on 'current' affairs are unavoidably dated, and particularly when they come to concern the Soviets directly do become rather unsettling.

There are few, I imagine, who will sit easy as Ivanov tells us of the Zionist hand behind the Prague Spring, and the claims of a Nazi-Zionist alliance are a little worrying and in any case difficult to verify. However, this is not a curate's egg; what problems there are do not detract from the overall value of the book. For interested readers, a copy can be found on archive.

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Against Appeasement: What’s Wrong with Zionism?

About Yuri Ivanov. Yuri Ivanov. Trivia About Caution: Zionism! Chaim Weizmann president of the World Zionist Organization in September that Jews would support Great Britain and the Western democracies, amounted to a declaration of war on Nazi Germany, thereby justifying Hitler's treatment of them as hostages. This is a classic negationist thesis. Nolte is not an anti-Semite but rather a historical relativist who argues that the Holocaust except for the "technical detail" of the gas chambers is no different from other major massacres in the twentieth century.

More provocatively, the German scholar insisted that the Nazi genocide was essentially a pale copy of the Soviet Gulag — the Bolshevik extermination of the kulaks and other class enemies. Indeed, for Nolte, the Nazi extermination of Jews was best understood as a preventive measure against "Asiatic" barbarism from the East.

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Such arguments have given some legitimacy and even encouragement to outright deniers and antisemites, whatever Nolte's personal intentions may have been in the matter. Not all Holocaust denial, relativism and inversion, as we have already noted, is motivated by antisemitism or hatred of Israel. The Internet provided him and other deniers with an effective way to circumvent stringent European legislation designed to punish neo-Nazi propagandists and Holocaust negationists. About twenty years ago, the Institute for Historical Review based in California also developed its own web sites to promote the notion that the Holocaust was a "Zionist" fiction.

One of the institute's most active American collaborators in the s was the libertarian Bradley Smith, who exploited the Web as an extension of his "Campus Project" to promote Holocaust denial as "revisionist" history at American colleges and universities. Under the guise of defending pluralism and free speech, his aim was to legitimize denial as an authentic part of Holocaust study.

The "truths" of the deniers are, of course, pure fabrications which ignore the huge mass of evidence that runs counter to their conclusions. The right-wing deniers are usually engaged in rehabilitating Nazism, fascism or white supremacist racism — an endeavor in which antisemitism wrapped up as "anti-Zionism" plays a crucial role. For left-wing deniers, hatred of Israel is often the most compelling motif.

But it is an outlook which almost inevitably involves some variant on the theory of a Jewish conspiracy. In the Arab world, it should be said, the so-called Holocaust "hoax" has been defined from the outset as a Jewish or Zionist conspiracy. In this surrealistic, super-Machiavellian scenario, the satanic archetype of the conspiratorial Jew — author and beneficiary of the greatest "myth" of the 20th century — achieves a gruesome and novel apotheosis.

One of the attractions of Holocaust denial to Arab Judeophobes evidently lies in what they interpret as its radical challenge to the moral foundations of the Israeli State. Palestinian Arab leaders and intellectuals have been particularly prominent in promoting this endeavor.

After years of study and discussion, Jewish Voice for Peace rejects Zionism

He openly questioned whether gas chambers were really used for extermination. Abu Mazen even suggested that the number of Jewish victims of the Shoah was "even fewer than one million. In Iran, too, Holocaust denial has spread since the early s, alongside Nazi-like caricatures of the "Talmudic Jew," the promotion of the poisonously antisemitic forgery Protocols of the Elders of Zion , and repeated calls to eradicate the Zionist "cancer" from the planet.

Hence, it is no surprise to find that the present-day Supreme Guide of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, could proclaim to his people:. There is evidence which shows that Zionists had close relations with German Nazis and exaggerated statistics on Jewish killings. There is even evidence on hand that a large number of non-Jewish hooligans and thugs of Eastern Europe were forced to emigrate to Palestine as Jews.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad, as we have already noted, has in recent years pushed this kind of denial to a new level of obscenity by repeatedly attacking the Holocaust since as a "myth" or as despicable "Zionist propaganda. In December , Iran hosted a much-publicized conference featuring the world's best-known Holocaust deniers — most of them from the Western world. The Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, opened the proceedings, stating that, "If the official version of the Holocaust is thrown in doubt, then the identity and nature of Israel will be thrown in doubt.

The consensus view was that the Holocaust had been grossly manipulated to serve Israel's financial and political interests. The Tehran conference can be seen as a major symbol of Iran's state-sponsored "anti-Zionist" antisemitism. The Jews are using this issue, in many ways, also to blackmail the Germans financially.

The Holocaust is protecting Israel. Other Palestinians have also been explicitly "revisionist" in their perceptions of the Holocaust. In another ten years, I do not know what number they will reach. As you know, when it comes to economics and investments, the Jews have been very experienced even since the days of The Merchant of Venice. As we have already seen, the European intellectual most frequently mentioned as a source of inspiration for contemporary Arab Holocaust deniers is the former French Stalinist and convert to Islam Roger Garaudy. Indeed, the trial and conviction of Garaudy in France in for "negating the Holocaust" made him a hero almost overnight, in much of the Muslim and Arab Middle East.

Among his enthusiastic admirers was the former president of Iran, the still influential Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who in a sermon in Tehran Radio, declared himself fully convinced that "Hitler had only killed 20, Jews and not six million," adding that "Garaudy's crime derives from the doubt he cast on Zionist propaganda.

The Garaudy Affair underlined the vitality of antisemitic and anti-Zionist Holocaust denial in Iran and the Arab world. Arabic translations of Garaudy's work became best-sellers in many Middle Eastern countries, even though in France he was convicted of inciting racial hatred. The binding ideological cement behind this outpouring of solidarity was a Protocols -style antisemitism which definitively branded the Holocaust as a Jewish conspiracy and a diabolical "Zionist invention.

Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel

It is no accident that Palestinian intellectuals, clerics, and legislators have displayed great reluctance to incorporate any aspect of Holocaust study into their teaching curricula, evidently fearing that it might strengthen Zionist claims to Palestine. Hatem Abd al-Qadar, a Hamas leader, once explained in an internal Palestinian debate that such instruction would represent "a great danger for the formation of a Palestinian consciousness.

It could undermine the promise by Allah that the whole of Palestine was the exclusive sacred possession of the Arabs. Other Palestinian intellectuals proposed sowing "doubts" about the "veracity" of the Holocaust, while calling for an exclusive focus on Zionist "terror," "cruelty," and alleged "massacres" of Palestinians. The Palestinian narrative evidently cannot tolerate any reference to Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Since the s, Holocaust denial has become a much broader and widespread phenomenon throughout the Middle East. Since , one can find increasing numbers of high-ranking Iranian, Syrian, Palestinian, Hamas and Hezbollah officials making Holocaust denial statements. In the Egyptian, Jordanian, and Saudi media, where antisemitism has long been rampant, negationist rhetoric concerning the wartime mass murder of European Jews has become a very common theme.

This is why deniers been called assassins of memory, fanatics engaged in a new kind of symbolic genocide against the Jewish people. Where the mobs once cried "Death to the Jews," it is as if the deniers now cynically proclaim that "the Jews never died. Holocaust denial, anti-Zionism and antisemitism belong to a common species of bigotry and incitement against the Jewish people that has persisted throughout the centuries.

Anti-Zionism like Holocaust denial is, of course, much more recent than antisemitism. However, it is precisely the defamation of Israel which has become in our time the primary vehicle for expressing "politically correct" antisemitism — whether it be Islamist, Christian, nationalist, right-wing or left-wing in its inspiration. Both anti-Zionism and antisemitism are essentially teachings of contempt, ideologies of hatred and negation directed against Jewish dignity, the right to collective self-definition and to a Jewish national identity.

Both ideologies embody a mind-set bent on diffusing hateful images and distorted perceptions of Jews which link them to a whole gamut of contemporary evils — including racism, militarism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, fascism, Nazism and genocide. The anti-Zionists and the antisemites are equally determined to transform the Jews the ultimate victims of mass genocide in the 20th century into criminal perpetrators and evil murderers — exactly as the Church Fathers did with their fabrication of the deicide charge against the Jewish people two thousand years ago.

Neither antisemites nor contemporary anti-Zionists are remotely interested in "criticism" of Jews. They prefer to rely on defamation, demonization or open dehumanization — most of it ideologically motivated. While in democratic Western societies though not in the Arab-Muslim world the taboo on classical antisemitism has not yet been completely eroded, anti-Zionist bigots feel free to libel Israel with complete impunity. There are few, if any, legal sanctions available to counter such anti-Zionist vilification, which is often protected as "free speech" or else as the expression of a "legitimate" political viewpoint.

Unfortunately, Western liberties have often been exploited in perverse ways to present assaults on Jewish targets as if they were justifiable "revenge" attacks against Israel. In the minds of the jihadists there is generally no distinction in theory or practice between Israelis and Jews. More recently the Palestinians and their supporters have widened their delegitimization campaign to an all-out negation of Israel's history and the denial of any link between Jews and the Holy Land. Israel's enemies increasingly seek to undermine the very roots of Jewish history, religion, cultural memory and national identity in the land of Zion, by placing a special emphasis on the uniquely "Arab" character of Jerusalem at the expense of the Jews.

Already at Camp David in , Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat insistently denied to President Clinton that the Jews had ever built or worshipped in the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem, or indeed that these edifices had even existed. Similarly, the then-Mufti of Jerusalem Ikrama Sabri, in , publicly declared that the Wailing Wall in the Holy City had no connection whatsoever with the Jewish past and was simply part of an organized effort by the "deceitful" Jews to swindle Muslims and the entire Gentile world.

Since then, there has been a systematic Arab effort, led by the Palestinian Waqf, to destroy any material traces or archeological vestiges of the ancient Jewish presence in Jerusalem about three thousand years old as part of its organized policy of delegitimization directed against Israel. The fact that the Temples in Jerusalem are mentioned no less than times in the Hebrew Bible and as many as 70 times in the New Testament, does not, of course, deter anti-Jewish or anti-Israel bigots.

But Palestinian negationism has nonetheless fallen on fertile soil, drawing on Arab national myths, Islamic fanaticism, deeply-rooted anti-Jewish currents in Christian theology and the sheer weight of political expediency in the United Nations, and beyond. Once again, antisemitism and anti-Zionism readily converge in their common goal — to dismantle the Jewish State and return the people of Israel to an exilic and largely powerless condition — that of being permanently "wandering Jews" at the mercy of their would-be persecutors.

Wistrich, A Lethal Obsession. Martin's Press, , pp. Bostom ed. Wistrich, A Lethal Obsession , op. The Generic Hatred. Also Eli Muller, yaledailynews. Pollack ed.

Selling Anti-Semitism in Moscow | by Mikhail Agursky | The New York Review of Books

See also Robert S. Wistrich, From Ambivalence to Betrayal. See Richard J. Evans, In Hitler's Shadow.

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Koch New York, , pp. Faux et Usages d'un Faux Paris, , pp. A year earlier, the conservative English-language Iranian newspaper, the Tehran Times , had insisted in an editorial that the Holocaust was "one of the greatest frauds of the 20th century. Sabri added: "It's certainly not our fault if Hitler hated the Jews. Weren't they pretty much hated everywhere? The Jews living in Israel will have to migrate once more.

In Al-Risala , 21 August , Abdelaziz al-Rantisi — then the second most important leader of the Hamas — insisted that the Zionists had invented and diffused the "Holocaust lie" to divert attention from their wicked crimes against the Palestinians. I heard him say something similar in Gaza in May , when I interviewed him for a British Television Channel Four documentary, "Blaming the Jews," for which I acted as the chief historical adviser. Arab Responses to the Holocaust London, Download our mobile app for on-the-go access to the Jewish Virtual Library.

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