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The graph below illustrates this equation. The line has a negative slope because as the value of x increases, the value of y decreases.

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On the statistics diagnostic exam, you should be able to solve two equations for two unknowns. You may solve by either using substitution or by elimination. Use Responsibly Full evaluation. Use Responsibly Basic evaluation. Use with Caution Full evaluation. Use with Caution Basic evaluation. Not Recommended. Read more about the Common Sense privacy evaluation tiers.

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Research supported by the Institute of Education Sciences, U. Contact sean regularberry. I've wanted to learn Algebra my whole life. Tried all kinds of books, to no avail. Your app works for me.

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I'm so excited. A whole new world opens up. An intuitive interface and well-paced lesson plan make this app a fantastic alternative to traditional pencil-and-paper math. Plus, a handy build-your-own-equation tool lets students tackle assigned problems—or create clever ones for classmates to solve. I had issues deciding how many stars. Leveraged touch screen beautifully. It does what it does well. After that you hit inequalities and four million notations and graphing and understand functions and the app is done.