Chemical Biology of the Tropics: An Interdisciplinary Approach

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The objective of this MRes is to provide a cutting-edge interdisciplinary programme that attracts and trains to a high level the best students from around the world, who are interested to pursue a research career in tropical forest ecology. The aim is to provide students with high-level research training in the latest developments in tropical forest ecology, covering the physical and biological aspects of the forest ecosystem and with an emphasis on understanding the linkages between these two components.

This will best prepare students for a career in tropical forest ecology research and possible PhD studies.

This MRes involves a taught field course in Malaysia, and it is anticipated that students will work in a wide range of additional tropical nations for their project work. Training on the field course will include working collaboratively with researchers at the SAFE Project, directly embedding you in an active global network of more than researchers. External projects will further expose you to tropical forest research in an international context.

We strongly encourage students to seek out international partners to work with on their projects; ensuring project work has direct relevance to national and international needs in this discipline.

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This course is the only postgraduate programme within the UK that focuses solely on tropical forest ecology. The GCEE is a global hub for addressing key environmental challenges for humanity, carrying out internationally excellent science with a focus on finding solutions to these challenges in a collaborative manner, and acting as an interface between science, practitioners and policy makers.

A key objective of the GCEE initiative is to train the next generation of scientists equipped to carry out the research required to address the grand challenges we have identified. This MRes will provide students with the theoretical background and practical skills to tackle these challenges in tropical forest environments. This programme is embedded within the GCEE initiative that promotes interdisciplinary research and partnerships, bringing together natural scientists, engineers, mathematicians, medics, economists and social scientists. This MRes programme will give you training explicitly designed to address eight of these 15 gaps:.

In addition to gaining a foundation in biology, students in the major acquire background in the social dimensions of modern biology and in the biological dimensions of contemporary social issues. You can also study the new field of behavioral economics, which attempts to improve economic analyses by incorporating insights from psychology, and take a new seminar that facilitates collaboration among economists and psychologists and draws students into faculty research.

As a Classics major, you can immerse yourself in the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome through four different tracks Classics, Greek, Latin, Classical Civilization taking programs in ancient languages, literature, history, archaeology, history of art, science, linguistics and philosophy. Classics majors work closely with individual professors in their areas of expertise, often in small classes, and have many opportunities for independent research and travel.

The rigorous analytical training characteristic of a Classics degree helps to develop skills that are valued in a wide variety of careers, as well as giving students a firm foundation for understanding the history of Western culture. Majors pursue individual interests in courses addressing literature and philosophy, culture and society, aesthetics and media, as well as critical and political thought.

In consultation with the director of undergraduate studies, courses with a substantial German component from other departments may also be included for the major. You can choose to focus on a disciplinary specialty such as geophysics or tectonics, or develop the broad expertise needed to understand the interactions between the diverse elements of earth and life in the past, present and future.

With a minor in theatre, you can focus on areas that interest you within the theory and practice of live performance: acting and directing for stage production; theatre history, theory and criticism; and theatre design and technologies. This minor does not include a language requirement.

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Special focus is given to the ancient east Mediterranean and Mesopotamian regions and to the Levant and Egypt. As a philosophy major, you can choose among courses in epistemology, metaphysics, history of philosophy, logic, ethics, social and political philosophy, Continental philosophy, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, aesthetics and philosophy of science.

This interdisciplinary program, offered through the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, is open to undergraduates enrolled in any of the seven Cornell undergraduate colleges. Beyond their political and territorial gains, they raided and traded even more widely. These major achievements were commemorated and celebrated in an extensive corpus of historical and fictional texts, many available in English translation. Research in astronomy is making rapidly increasing use of analysis methods that draw from developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning with a strong basis in Bayesian statistics.

The overarching questions raised in astronomical science are attractive to students from a wide range of disciplines and can provide the motivation for learning the fundamentals of data science as they are applied to the astronomical domain. Researchers in the Astronomy Department are involved with specific projects involving large empirical and simulation data sets: spacecraft imaging data from solar system missions, spacecraft survey data for exoplanets, sky surveys at radio, infrared, and optical wavelengths, data sets from gravitational wave detectors, and cosmological simulations of large scale structure in the universe.

These data sets will provide attractive contexts for learning and applying modern analysis methods. So be sure to do your research before deciding that your interests do not fit comfortably into an existing department or major. LGBT Studies is an interdisciplinary program, and it is likewise open to a variety of perspectives on the stability of the constituent identity categories at its center. The undergraduate minor in Arabic is intended for Cornell students who wish to broaden and deepen their competence in the Arabic language and knowledge of Arab culture.

Such linguistic competence and knowledge have helped Cornell students in the past obtain positions in government agencies and think tanks and to enroll in the most competitive Arabic programs in this country. Citizens interested in addressing societal problems and even experts with deep, technical knowledge of particular issues often find that politics and governance interfere with and complicate proposals for change.

The process through which policy problems are defined, whether issues find a place on the political agenda, and the particular alternatives that gain prominence may owe less to their efforts and preferences than to political developments and the institutional context. Students will have the opportunity to take courses that deal with public policy in the United States, Africa, China, Europe, India, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, and with attention to domestic policy including health, education, energy, criminal justice, natural resources, immigration, social welfare policy, and urban policy and foreign policy including foreign aid and national security.

The Sanskrit Studies minor is intended for students who wish to broaden and deepen their competence in the Sanskrit language and traditional Indian religious, literary, and philosophical culture. This minor is offered collaboratively with courses from across the university, coordinated by the Department of History. The College Scholar Program represents the pinnacle of the liberal arts experience at Cornell. The program is focused on a small group of stellar students whose interests transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Tropical Medicine & Biology Multidisciplinary Platform

These students have demonstrated exceptional promise and maturity to plan and carry out a well-designed individualized program of study and research. Students design their own interdisciplinary major, organized around a question or issue of interest, and pursue a course of study that cannot be found in an established major.

College Scholars explore subjects with a broader integration of related disciplines than most students would attempt. They pursue their subjects using advanced, often graduate-level, techniques.

Introduction to Chemical Biology 128. Lecture 03. Reactivity and Arrow Pushing.

As a capstone to their studies, all Scholars undertake an independent senior project, usually culminating in an honors thesis. Design your education With 40 majors, 59 minors and more than 40 foreign languages, The College offers uncommon academic diversity.

MRes in Tropical Forest Ecology

Italian Studies. Medieval Studies. Cognitive Science. Inequality Studies. The institutional home for the minor is the Center for the Study of Inequality. Helpful links Department Website Undergraduate Major Undergraduate Minor Graduate Program More Information from Courses of Study Student and Alumni Stories Anthropology professor wins feminist scholarship award for book Anthropology class explores forensics in New York City visit Anthropology grad students receive Fulbright-Hays fellowships Anthropologist explores decline of female genital cutting International faculty fellows make global impact.

Africana Studies. Visual Studies. Information Science. Computer Science. Statistical Science. Helpful links Department Website Undergraduate Major Undergraduate Minor Graduate Program More Information from Courses of Study Student and Alumni Stories Using linguistic skills in a challenging new post Simpler grammar, larger vocabulary: a linguistic paradox explained Cornell hosts international linguistics conference Linguist, architect named A.

History of Art. Game Design. Helpful links Department Website Undergraduate Major Undergraduate Minor Graduate Program More Information from Courses of Study Student and Alumni Stories History, music faculty earn Guggenheim fellowships Class teaches math and music with hands-on approach Experimental music symposium features concerts and speakers Music professor releases chamber music disc Music prof premieres work in Germany.

East Asian Studies.

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