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Night Probe! Zero Hour. Arctic Drift. The Chase. Blue Gold. How to write a great review. Readers who are fond of only action will enjoy this. Spanish edition, review in both languages for my non spanish speaking friends 3. For my taste it lacked action but I kept reading all the time, never got bored. Some characters proved to be-perhaps- too good at everything they do and then some, but as I said, they are the heroes so a little bit of fantasy is not all bad I suppose.

To summarize if you like books with natural disasters, sarcastic and funny characters, handsome heroes, kidnappings, persecutions, the end of the world and no time at all to prevent it, then this is the book for you. I most definitely want another date with Mr. Jul 19, Patrick Gibson rated it liked it Shelves: testosterone. Either way, this is almost classic Cussler. An evil nefarious villainous corporation has devised a way to shift the poles gee—I think you could get that from the title and, in turn, blackmail the planet because we are all doomed. Doomed, I say! Save us, Kurt, save us!

He does. Along the way towards our salvation, there is a pretty good adventure. The beautiful, brainy, yet slightly slutty arm candy is in peril just enough times for Kurt to flex and ooze. I am talking about his buddy Zavalia—what were you thinking? What is it they say? Mozart wrote a hundred concertos. Vivaldi wrote one concerto a hundred times? Substitute Cussler for Vivaldi. Yet I keep reading his book and loving them. The book is better than some and not as good as others. Still—a great beach or desert, or ice berg read.

Feb 02, Jeff rated it liked it. I liked the action in this book and really enjoyed the scenes where the main character was racing to stop this or that disaster. But, there was a lot of slow in between periods that kind of dragged the book down not to mention how it seems a little improbable how all the nations of the world worked together so well to bring down the evil genius that was going to destroy the world. The book was also a little formulaic shocker I know. Evil genius has some terrible technology that the nations I liked the action in this book and really enjoyed the scenes where the main character was racing to stop this or that disaster.

Evil genius has some terrible technology that the nations of the world have never been able to develop but for some reason Mr. X has been able to, 2. X who either dies, so there is no messy court scenes, or escapes to return in some future episode with an even more diabolical plan. But, for the most part the book was a good easy read right when I needed one. I enjoyed this book, it was a fun adventure story with great characters that were bright and hard working.

NASA Video Unwittingly Shows Visual Proof of Polar Shift 2016! Even Neil D Tyson can't debunk this!

Although the science was probably not accurate, it made for a fun and scary "what if" scenario with lots of plot twists, but not enough to distract from the main story and woven together nicely to provide a satisfying ending. Very quick fun read. Perfect to take to the beach. Interesting writer with a lot of adventure in his stories. Definetly recomend to people who love this kind of adventures and wanna try something diferent! Another good book by Cussler. He has to be one of the top authors for co-authoring books. This has the Cussler winning formula of a multi-threaded story that starts off with a twist on an historic event.

Lots of action with plausable if unlikely scenarios. Dec 05, Clem rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction. When I looked at some of the reviews on Amazon. This, of course, is why if you like Burger King, so you keep going to the restaurant whenever you get the urge. Not that this matters one iota to the average reader. To most, both of these guys are exactly the same except in hair color. Kurt and his band of familiar regulars are trying to find out why and how mysterious whirlpools have been appearing across the oceans. These things are pretty huge and pretty serious.

How serious? Well, one manages to swallow up an entire freighter, killing the entire crew. Is this a natural phenomenon? Or is it man made? Regardless, can these things be stopped? Ironically, Kurt and his cronies seem to always be in the right place at the right time i. Although I have a hard time differentiating these books — especially over time, this one seemed to be par for the course if not a little better than most. Yes, things did get a bit hoaky near the end.

Still, I knew what I was getting into, so I therefore really enjoyed the ride. Regardless of whether you prefer onion rings or French fries. Apr 23, Larry Peninger rated it did not like it. It was fun, but left me wondering. There were so many characters and they all made comments or did something the just disappeared. Including devil worshipping anarchists. Thank goodness they all died in the end! I am not sure this one would make me want to read another. I will say there was no gratuitous sex or violence.

Which was awesome! This was mildly entertaining good fun reading. Dec 06, Ssggmmcchotmail. Com rated it liked it. The first couple of chapters had me gripped; I was there, escaping from the Nazis on an ocean liner, being in the cargo ship being thrown about by the monstrous waves, swirling in the giant whirlpool, and then nothing! The narrative that began with so much promise was disappointing through the rest of the book and the end a bit lame.

However the story line was interesting and overall it was an enjoyable read. Jul 04, Ollie James rated it really liked it Shelves: clive-cussler.

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My first experience with Kurt Austin, I was highly entertained in this book. The end of the world is coming unless he and the team can track down the conspirators or reverse the effects of the Earth's most destructive power: polar shift! Bestselling author Clive Cussler has kept millions of readers hooked with adventures at sea, exotic locations, cutting-edge science and page-turning pace for four decades. Explore Plus. Fiction Books. General Fiction Books. Enter pincode.