Duke of Deception (Wentworth Trilogy, Book 1)

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His nemesis, Alexander Blackthorne, is determined to ruin him. His wife died six months ago in childbirth, along with their stillborn son, and his two-year-old daughter needs a mother. The advertisement Jake wrote never mentioned his daughter—or the fact that he has no intention of consummating his marriage.

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And he never suspected his bride would have plans of her own to seduce him. The Loner. The Blackthornes and the Creeds. Two powerful Texas dynasties—and lifelong enemies. Set in the heart of the modern-day West, New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston brings to passionate life the clash of wills between Blackthorne and Creed.

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Only Summer can satisfy the hunger burning deep within him. Only she can help him hold on to his own unwanted son. It will be a marriage of expedience only. Until doubts and mistrust vanish in the heat of passion…and a man and a woman who never stopped loving each other fight bitter blood and impossible odds for a glorious second chance….

The Texan. In this breathtaking novel, New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston weaves a beguiling tale of two feuding families—the Blackthornes and the Creeds—and of two extraordinary people: loner Owen Blackthorne and beautiful, headstrong Bayleigh Creed, irresistibly drawn to each other despite the desperate odds against their love.

Then Bayleigh Creed appears on his doorstep, demanding his help in locating her missing brother. Together they head into the desolate West Texas wilderness, a Blackthorne and a Creed, mortal enemies obliged to join forces to survive. Neither counts on the unwanted attraction that draws them together, or the bitter truths that will force them apart—until the ruthless wilderness compels them to make life-and-death choices between family and duty and love. The Cowboy. Joan Johnston transports us to rugged present-day Texas—a place of wide-open prairies and unbridled ambitions—where two ranching families, the Blackthornes and the Creeds, are locked in a bitter century-old feud.

Trace Blackthorne was taught from the cradle to take what he wanted. And he wanted Callie Creed. Eleven years ago, the feud between their families had torn them apart. But the secrets of the past return to haunt them. And Callie is once again compelled to make an impossible choice—between the family who desperately needs her and the only man she has ever loved.

Share: Share on Facebook. Bitter Creek Series: Related Titles. Other Series By Joan Johnston. Now she must work with Raphael as her search for the killer leads into the secret underbelly of supernatural Atlanta. And dealing with her feelings for him might have to take a back seat to saving the world…. Sweet Deception by Heather Snow. I love historical romance, and Heather writes smart heroines.

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Her first was a chemist, her second this book is a criminologist. Moonglow by Kristin Callihan. Freed from a harsh marriage, Daisy Ellis Craigmore craves all life has to offer.

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When she becomes the only surviving witness to a string of brutal murders, Daisy is drawn into the investigation. Ian Ranulf, Marquis of Northup, rushed to the scene of the crime, knowing one of his kind was the killer. He is intent upon finding the rogue lycan before the authorities — and that means protecting Daisy. Digging deeper into the hunt leads to secrets that shock Daisy and Ian as they rush to stop murders and save their souls.

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Both comments and pings are currently closed. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy release day Kira!! I would love to read the Iron Seas story. What a treat! After all, Hetty was only two minutes younger! Hannah should have insisted they wait until Miranda contacted them. She should have told Josie No!

She should have run when she had the chance. Hannah curled her hands into angry fists and fought the tears that blurred her eyes and burned her nose. She hoped the coming journey was as dangerous as it was touted to be.

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Maybe her husband would die and leave her a widow and—. She brought herself up short and looked guiltily toward the door, behind which stood the man she was wishing dead. Wishing for freedom was one thing. Wishing another person dead to earn that freedom was something else entirely. Hannah was ashamed of having harbored such an unworthy thought. No one had forced her to marry Mr. She had to put away childish hopes and dreams. This was her life, like it or not.

Hannah stared at the bed. She tried to imagine herself in Mr. She tried to imagine kissing his thin lips. She tried to imagine coupling with him. Hannah choked back a sob of resignation, then yanked down the covers and scrambled into bed, bracing her back against the headboard before pulling the covers up to her chin. The door slowly opened. McMurtry would have to remove his wide-brimmed hat, string tie, chambray shirt, jeans, belt, socks, and hobnail boots—and perhaps even his unmentionables—with her watching.

McMurtry might not want to go right to sleep. Hannah watched as Mr. McMurtry blushed. His throat turned rosy, and then the blood filled his face, turning a hundred freckles into red blots on his cheeks. It was surprisingly gratifying to hear such words from her husband. Her fear returned and multiplied. The situation was already mortifying in the extreme, but if he was inexperienced, who was going to tell her what to do? Hannah dropped the sheet and put her hands to her cheeks as they flamed with embarrassment.

Not even a. Ladies did not speak of such things. It felt like all the air had been sucked from the room. This was going to be a disaster. Texas Bride Miranda Wentworth never imagined becoming a mail-order bride. Now marriage to a stranger is her only hope of finding a home where she and her two younger brothers can escape the brutality of the Chicago orphanage where they live.

Jake Creed is hanging on to his Texas ranch by his fingernails. His nemesis, Alexander Blackthorne, is determined to ruin him. His wife died six months ago in childbirth, along with their stillborn son, and his two-year-old daughter needs a mother. The advertisement Jake wrote never mentioned his daughter—or the fact that he has no intention of consummating his marriage. And he never suspected his bride would have plans of her own to seduce him.

Miranda was afraid to reach for the tickets. She seldom took anything for herself before offering it first to one of her siblings. Her life the past three years had been full of sacrifices. But none of her siblings were old enough to marry. She would have to do this herself. A place full of wild broncs and longhorned cattle.


A place full of cowboys. It all sounded so exotic. And exciting. And with a new life outside the Institute, there was at least a chance she could rescue her siblings. No one could be as cruel as Miss Birch. Miranda quickly slid the vellum and tickets back across the table to Josephine, who slipped them back into the pocket in her night shift. Her younger brothers and sisters grabbed their blankets and scampered for the door in the dark shadows at the opposite end of the dining room, leaving Miranda behind to face their nemesis.

Miss Birch was wearing a tufted robe over her nightgown and had her long black hair, of which she was so proud, pinned up under a nightcap. The headmistress was short and stout, with large eyes so dark brown they were almost black and cheeks that became florid when she was angry, as she was now. Miranda lowered her eyes in submission, knowing that was the best way to conciliate the headmistress. She gasped at the pain and bit her lip to keep from crying out.

There was no defying Miss Birch. Miranda kept her hands at her sides, aware that if she tried to protect herself, Miss Birch would only hit harder.

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The pain was excruciating. She refused to give Miss Birch the satisfaction. She could hear the heavyset woman breathing hard from the effort of whipping her. May I leave? She watched as Miss Birch resisted the urge to hit her again. Three cracks of the rod. Miranda knew her punishment was over, which was why there had been a taunt in her calm, dignified voice. Then Miss Birch hit her again. Hard enough to make Miranda moan with pain. Hard enough to make the tears in her eyes spill onto her cheeks. Each and every one of them! Without discipline , where would we be?

Those children must learn to obey the rules. They must learn there are consequences when they break them. Miss Birch raised her eyebrows as she tapped the rod against her open palm. Three strokes times five offenses. How many is that, Miss Wentworth? Miss Birch laughed. Turn around and bare your back. She focused her terrified mind on the faceless man at the end of her coming journey. The man who would be her husband.

The man who would be the salvation of her siblings. The man who would plant the seeds for a family of her own. The man she would somehow learn to love. The man who might someday learn to love her. Her and her five siblings were sent to an orphanage where they were at the mercy of nasty headmistress Miss Birch, who liked to find any reason she could to beat them.

When Miranda met Jake, she had smuggled her two brothers along with her. A whole host of characters keeps the story detailed and the interest high. Times were difficult for everyone involved, but as they muddled through, love and kindness prevailed. What a great historical read with an uber-sweet romance.

Everyone fought their feelings, but learned to get along and work together for the greater good of the family. They all learned to deal with the fear and tough times and let the love reveal itself as the story developed. This is my first Joan Johnston book and she writes with sincerity and realism. I very highly recommend Texas Bride.