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Skickas inom vardagar specialorder. PrimeFaces is the de facto standard in the Java web development. PrimeFaces is a lightweight library with one jar, zero-configuration, and no required dependencies. This cookbook provides a head start by covering all the knowledge needed for working with PrimeFaces components in the real world.

PrimeFaces Cookbook (2nd ed.)

The books range is wide? It also includes creating custom components and PrimeFaces Extensions. You will start with the basic concepts such as installing PrimeFaces, configuring it, and writing a first simple page. By the end of this chapter you will be to create your own site theme including some more advanced topics such as the two variants of the theme switcher—stateless versus stateful—finish this chapter. Chapter 3 is dedicated to Inputs and Selects, showing how to work with the enhanced input and select components available in PrimeFaces.

Chapter 5 Data Iteration Components, covers the basic and advanced features to visualize data with data iteration components provided by PrimeFaces. Chapter 6 discusses about the endless Menu variations, explains about several menu variations. Readers will face a lot of recipes that discuss the menus' structure, configuration options, customizations, and integration with other components. They abstract developers from dealing with implementation details on the browser level.

Chapter 9 discusses about creating Charts and Maps, covering the ways to create visual charts with PrimeFaces' extensive charting features, and create maps based on Google Maps. Chapter 10 is the "hidden secret" box as it contains lots of miscellaneous recipes, covering AJAX tricks, periodic polling, focus handling, controlling form submission, and many other recipes which every developer will face when moving into a real world context.

At the end of it, I'm pretty satisfied with this book which is a perfect complimentary reading to the official, excellent, documentation; so no surprise that the guys at Packt arranged for a recipe cookbook instead of a standard development guide. Being at odds with stylesheets, the chapter 2 was a Godsend for me and I really enjoyed creating nice sample skins. I was really satisfied with Chapter 5 which is about the heart of every web application: data visualization and iteration.

I did enjoyed a lot the drag and drop chapter -Chapter 8- and the Chapter 10 which brings it all together and explores advanced use cases.

So in my opinion this book is an excellent, practical, developer-friendly book which will help you to solve a lot of common pitfalls which are common to web developers. All the examples are easy to understand and well documented and in my opinion it is worth a place on the JSF-user book shelf.

(ebook) PrimeFaces Cookbook - Second Edition

Jan 19, Bill Jones rated it it was amazing. I knew little about Java but after reading this and applying a few of the principles in sample applications I can say it was well wroth it. Everything was organized and it was incredibility easy to get up and running fast. Starting from the first chapter until the last it kept my attention and I was really impressed by all the different widgets and even how you can theme your design using PrimeFaces.

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This book is geared for anyone from beginner to professional and going in as a beginner I really enjoyed this book, I encourage you to give it a go as it won't be disappointing. If you have chance to borrow this book, do it. Oleg rated it really liked it Mar 27, Fareed Rezaei rated it liked it Oct 27, Holger Grosse-plankermann rated it really liked it Jul 24, Maurizio Bianchi rated it it was ok Apr 14, Gabriel rated it it was ok Oct 08, Cynthia Escobar rated it it was amazing Mar 23, Anis Boulahia rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Bami Idowu rated it really liked it Jul 02, Ben added it May 27,

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