Thermal Deformation in Machine Tools

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Proven guidelines for reducing thermal deformation in machine tools Written by global experts in the field of machine tool engineering, this authoritative work offers tested solutions for reducing thermal deformation in machine tools. Analytical expressions and design data for estimating the magnitude of generated heat and determining the thermal boundary condition are provided.

The book presents remedies for decreasing thermal deformation from structural design and NC compensation technology.

Computational methods for evaluating and estimating thermal behavior are also included in this detailed guide. No reviews were found. Please log in to write a review if you've read this book. Login Join.

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Continuous usage of a machine tool during production processes causes heat generation typically at the moving elements, resulting in distortion of the machine structure. These effects, known as thermal errors, can contribute a significant percentage of the total error in a machine tool.

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  • There are a number of design solutions available to the machine tool builder to reduce thermal error including, liquid cooling systems, low thermal expansion materials and symmetric machine tool structures. However, these can only reduce the error not eliminate it altogether. It is therefore advisable, particularly in the production of high value parts, for manufacturers to obtain a thermal profile of their machine, to ensure it is capable of producing in tolerance parts.

    Thermal Deformation in Machine Tools (eBook) by Yoshimi Ito (Author)

    This paper considers factors affecting practical implementation of condition monitoring of the thermal errors. In particular is the requirement to find links between temperature, which is easily measureable during production and the errors which are not. To this end, various methods of testing including the advantages of thermal images are shown. Results are presented from machines in typical manufacturing environments, which also highlight the value of condition monitoring using thermal analysis.

    Thermal Analysis for Condition Monitoring of Machine Tool Spindles

    In this study, we attempted to more accurately compensate for thermal deformation, for cutting operations involving a coolant fluid, by adding simple calibration coefficients to the prediction equations. We applied the modified equations to a numerically controlled controller and validated our approach for cutting operations using a coolant fluid under various conditions. Paper: Views over last 60 days: