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With such a dominant sense of smell and keen hearing the creature relies little on sight.

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As long as she and Cameron are quiet, the mother will go about her business oblivious to their presence. This is a big one, twelve feet, almost half a ton, but she digs into the mound with delicate strokes, pushing aside the mud and marl without harming the fragile shells. In the bright camera light, Leslie smiles. When she hears their cries, she begins the careful excavation, followed by the swim to a nearby freshwater source to safely deposit her offspring. Oh, if she wanted to, she could drag out her notebooks, tally up the other nights like this, get the exact total.

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Everything was in her spiral notebooks. All penned in neat script just minutes after each event. Every croc they encounter will be identified, sexed, weighed, injected with a microchip, its activities listed with signs of health or battle scars, the GPS coordinates of its active nest, number of hatchlings, and all identifying markings on the mother crocs.

Next she will turn and crawl back down the bank, slide into the water to begin her swim across the canal to a freshwater pond she discovered earlier. Baby crocs needed six months to adjust to salt water. In the meantime they either found a freshwater source or died.

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Without that pond their only hope for survival would be to skim the shallow lens of rainwater riding atop the briny canals. Even though their freshwater source is ready, other challenges lie ahead. These two baby crocs have to learn some brutal survival skills: how to hunt and keep themselves cool in the relentless Florida summer, how to conceal themselves from predators, including adult crocs, who have no qualms about eating their young. And these young crocs will have to do it without coaching or protection, because after this one gesture of maternal instinct, the mother croc will abandon her babies to fend for themselves.

Leslie certainly identifies with that. Hanging a few yards back, she tracks the croc to the bank. At this point the normally shy croc is at her most protective and volatile. Leslie picks her way forward with particular care because earlier that afternoon, as they headed out to the nesting sites, a squall from tropical storm Ivan blew through, leaving the canal bank a gloppy mess.

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Even in her cleated hiking shoes the footing is treacherous. Despite her natural agility, the steep bank is giving her trouble. Twice she slips and barely catches herself.

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Later a Miami-Dade police detective will question him about this detail, but Cameron will be unable to say exactly what happened. The camera swings left, then tilts up, showing the black sky, some scattered stars, a slice of moon. Cameron reported he is at this point scrambling to unhook himself from the camera straps and fumbles the equipment, sending the camera crashing onto the deck.

It bounces twice, then comes to rest. The audio recorder continues to run, capturing a splash and a grunt. He sounds alarmed, but not panicked. But everything changes fast. From the heaves and grumbles, it appears that the big croc turns on the intruder. Leslie remains silent, no sign of alarm. Maybe this self-assurance made Leslie vulnerable.

Cameron could make out only the dim outlines of the moment of attack.

A violent merging of the two. The audio records violent splashes as though the animal is trying to drag Leslie underwater or tow her as far from land as possible, with Leslie fighting, thrashing. There are garbled words and heaves of breath, while the frozen video continues to show only the still and shadowy image of the grassy bank where the nest is torn open, exposing the white cluster of eggs to a milky wash of moonlight.

More than a minute of quiet is followed by splashing, and a few seconds later, a howl. A human voice that is barely human. It could be either of them. To Cameron those moments were a bewildering blur. Shortly after the attack began, he recalls being chest-high in the canal and smacking the water with both hands to lure the big croc away from Leslie. Not heroic, he says, just a blind reaction to the horror unfolding before him. Then he remembers backing away when he thought the croc turned on him.

His face is stricken and white. He claims to remember none of this. Picking it up, carrying it to the boat.

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The video shows him splashing near the bow, then lifting the object and setting it on the deck in front of the camera. This human arm was severed an inch above the elbow. Around the wrist is a rubber bracelet, a camouflage design. Cameron is huffing as he pulls himself aboard and lifts the video camera from the deck. For a moment the lens captures hundreds of glittering lights that outline the towers and the two enormous containment buildings at Turkey Point only a few hundred yards away.

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With all those lights sparkling in the night, the nuclear power plant appears almost festive. Then the video goes dark. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Hall a "master of suspense" and this new high-stakes thriller Going Dark shows why as Thorn embarks on a mission to save his newfound son Earth Liberation Front, known as ELF, is a loosely knit organization comprised of environmental activists scattered around the country. About the Author. He divides his time between South Florida and North Carolina.

Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Time for War: A Thriller. View Product. Abuse of Power: A Thriller. From New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio talk-show host Michael Savage comes From New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio talk-show host Michael Savage comes a high-intensity debut thriller, the story of a smeared network journalist who uncovers a chilling terrorist plot.

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After the Blast. Visions of Apocalypse. EMP and Cyberterrorism. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This study examines the US fiction and related films which makes a series of interventions in the cultural debate over the threat of nuclear terrorism. It traces the beginnings of this anxiety from the s, which increased during the s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The study examines narratives of conspiracies which are detected and forestalled, and of others which lead to the worst of all outcomes — nuclear detonations, sometimes delivered by suitcase nukes.

In some of these narratives the very fate of the nation hangs in the balance in the face of nuclear apocalypse. The discussion considers cases of attacks by electromagnetic pulse EMP , cyberterrorism and even bioterrorism.